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The New VW Passat, Well Sort Of

When Volkswagen announced they were going to release an all new Passat, I was with filled joy. Was the US finally going to get the updated MQB platform for the Passat coming out of Chattanooga? Sadly, no.

Photo: Volkswagen

Don't get me wrong, the new US spec Passat looks great. The new car receives a complete exterior redesign that resembles the new Jetta. My first thought when I saw the resemblance was, "Finally a new Passat on the MQB platform". Then I had a look at the interior. I saw an updated screen, new trim pieces and the smell of new leatherette. Then my eyes were drawn to an analog instrument cluster. Is it possible that VW would use an old platform and call it "new"? Turns out they did. The "new" Passat is everything but new. The exterior design provides feelings of a sporty fun car. It allows me to feel like its more upscale than its Asian and American competitors. Obviously I would feel this way being a German car fanboy. In Jared's opinion, I am so in love with German cars he would have expected me side with Germany in the great war. Sadly my love for the fine German automobile cannot overcome the wild disappointment I have for this "new" car.

Photo: Volkswagen

The new sheetmetal placed on the ancient underpinnings of this car gives the new silhouette a very sleek feel. Flowing from the headlights down the shoulder line to the beautiful new rear lights is big win for me. The new placement of the model designation allows me to feel like i'm looking at the back of Porsche. (I technically am) It teases me to think i'm looking at an upscale vehicle. Now let's not get carried away by its beauty. The real reason we get into a car is to experience performance that blows us aways like a prom date. You don't want just another car, you want an experience. Volkswagen started out with a true winner, but then in true Volkswagen fashion they polluted it by calling it something it was not, "NEW". I get it, after all of the financial stress and the world turning to SUVs saving money sounds good. Especially when most of your resources are going toward an electric future. I only ask for one simple favor, do not not call an old hag with a new coat the new 30. You aren't fooling anyone. As a loyal German fanboy I can overlook your faults, even if it triggers my asthma. One thing I cannot accept is you telling me your car is "new" when its not.

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