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The New Ferrari Hybrid Willl Debut This Year With Many More To Come

Everyone knows it has been coming, but they have all been rumors (and spy videos) until now. On an earnings phone call Ferrari’s CEO, Louis Camilleri, has confirmed that a new mid-engine supercar with a hybrid V8 will be unveiled later this year. But details don’t stop there. They only get better.

Thanks to Michael Leiters, Ferrari’s chief technical officer, it has been confirmed that the new hybrid will make more power than the 488 Pista. Quick reminder that the Pista’s twin turbo 3.9-liter V8 makes a staggering 710 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque.

If you’re wondering if this new Ferrari will be at the Geneva Auto Show next month, the answer is no. Ferrari will hold a special unveiling event specifically for the new model. But the details on that are still unknown.

It’s speculation, but it is believed that the hybrid system on this new hybrid Ferrari will be a Formula 1 KERS system, similar to what we saw previously on the LaFerrari. This technology will also be implemented on the new Maserati Alfieri; the replacement for the current GranTurismo.

This new hybrid Ferrari will be the start of the next generation of hybrid Ferraris. Camilleri also confirmed that by 2022 60 percent of Ferrari’s lineup will have hybrid varients. Then after 2022, a fully electric model will come.

Im not sure if Enzo would approve of the new change to Ferrari, but I do know that this is the direction the industry is going. I also know that Ferrari builds some of the most amazing automotive machines, and that won’t change with a new hybrid generation. We have already seen that they can build an amazing hybrid. I don’t expect that to change.

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