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The Dodge Challenger Is About To Be Electric

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

The Dodge Challenger weighs almost as much as the planet Jupiter. You would think that for the next generation Dodge would want to shed a little bit of that weight. You would be wrong.

Pic: Hennessey

The FCA boss, Mike Manley, has suggested that the next generation Dodge Challenger will be electrified, adding some seriously heavy batteries. In an interview with Detroit News, Manley stated "The reality is those platforms and that technology we used does need to move on. They can't exist as you get into the middle-2020s. New technology is going to drive a load of weight out, so we can think of the powertrains in a different way. And we can use electrification to really supplement those vehicles.“

He also went on to say "I think that electrification will certainly be part of the formula that says what is American muscle in the future. What it isn't going to be is a V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engine.”

What really makes me happy about this statement is that Manley has a focus on what really makes a muscle car, a muscle car - V8 engines. I’m more than okay with the next generation Challenger having a battery and a plug as long as there is a V8 option.

Pic: Dodge

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