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The 2019 Ford Focus ST Is Here! But Not Here In America.

Ford announced a little while back that they would stop selling small cars and sedans in America for some reason. I actually felt pretty content with Ford's decision. Mainly because they wouldn't be killing the car I love most, the Mustang. But I didn't think the whole thing through all that much. I just saw the announcement for the new Focus ST and it was at that moment that I realized the impact of Ford's decision.

Pic: Ford

My sadness began to grow after I saw how good this new ST will be. Ford dumped the old 2-liter and gave the new ST the 2.3-liter that is used in the Mustang Ecoboost and Focus RS. This 2.3 will give the car 276 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. Which is a significant gain from last generation's 252 and 270. It can also come with a 2-liter diesel motor that produces 187 hp and 295 lb-ft, but why go with the slower option when you buy an ST?

Like the last generation, the ST will be front wheel drive. Unlike the last generation, the front wheel drive will be sophisticated. There will be a new limited-slip differential on the front axle and hydraulic clutches that can send up to 100% of the power to each wheel in order to help put the power down. Thankfully, there will be a torque steering reduction system as well. And for those that have driven the last generation ST know how big of a deal that will be.

There will also be different driving modes available and when you get the Performance Pack - adjustable dampers. Also included in the Performance Pack is a Track Mode that will stiffen up the suspension, provide more feedback through the wheel, and sharpens the throttle and breaking.

Pic: Ford

This new Focus ST looks brilliant and sounds fantastic. I am really sad that we wont be seeing it stateside. The United States is always getting shafted and missing out on cool cars. I never thought I would see it come from an American company though. I hope cutting Ford's small cars pays off in the long run.

Pic: Ford

Pic: Ford

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