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Recently Murdered: Manual F-Type

This continues to happen, yet I am still disappointed every time: another manual transmission has been killed. Who is the latest victim? The Jaguar F-type.

Pic: Jaguar

Frankly, I was surprised that Jaguar offered a manual in the F-Type to begin with. When we first saw the car back in 2013 there wasn't even an option for a manual transmission. 8 speed auto only. It made sense to have an automatic only option in a car such as this. When they added the option for a manual a few years later, it just made the car that much cooler.

I had the luxury of driving a Jaguar F-Type R and it was an amazing experience. However, at no point during my time in that car did I think "man, this needs a manual." The car brought me so much joy even without rowing my own gears. But being the gear-head I am, it kills me to see a manual transmission be killed. Especially in a car as amazing as this.

We all know the reason for the axe is because the sales numbers were so low. Sad. I do know for a fact that there are still some manual F-Types out on dealer lots. Now go out there, and buy one.

Pic: Jaguar

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