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Porsche Cayman GT4 Touring?

We have seen the new Cayman GT4 testing everywhere. It’s been ripping around tracks, testing in the snow, and people have been snapping pictures and recording every chance they get. We have seen the GT4 so much that we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like. But now, it seems that there is a new variant of the GT4.

There seems to be a 718 testing that has the similar engine, exhaust, and defuser to the GT4, but the body isn’t as aggressive. This can only lead us to believe that there will be a Touring Package on the GT4, just like there is on the 911 GT3.

Pic: PistonHeads.com

It appears that the GT4 touring package will ditch the fixed rear wing and replace it with a more subtle retractable spoiler. It also appears to have less aerodynamic pieces than the GT4, and understandably so. Porsche will want to have some distinction between the GT4 and the GT4 Touring Package.

Pic: PistonHeads.com

Here are a few videos of what people have seen from the new GT4.

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