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New: Koenigsegg Jesko

For months now we have been waiting for the new “Ragnerok“ to emerge. Though it may have a different name, this is it: Jesko.

Pic: Koenigsegg

Like other Koenigsegg cars, the Jesko is powered by a 5-liter twin-turbo V8. However, this V8 produces an astonishing 1,600 horsepower when using E85 fuel and "only" 1,280 horsepower on standard gas. Bummer. The redline has also been pushed up to 8,500 rpm. And any flat plane V8 sounds amazing, but it sounds a thousand times better when they can rev above 8,000 rpm. The engine will also come with the worlds lightest V8 crankshaft that is made from single solid piece of steel.

The new Jesko will also come with a 9-speed “Light Speed Transmission“ (LST). The transmission is a multi-clutch system that has been 100% designed in-house at Koenigsegg. Koenigsegg states that there are "several" clutches in this transmission that help it change gear in virtually no time at all.

Aerodynamics on the Jesko are much better as well. The massive rear wing, air intakes, and other bits and pieces help this car achieve 1,000 kilos of downforce. For the Americans out there, that is roughly 2,200 lbs.

Oh, did I mention it now has four wheel steering?

Pic: Koenigsegg

To get even more nerdy, Koenigsegg now has what they call Ultimate Power On Demand - UPOD for short. To put this in easy terms to understand, this system basically can select any gear for optimum power in virtually no time at all. An example from Koenigsegg: "If you are in 7th gear and 4th is the optimal gear for maximum acceleration, UPOD can bypass downshifts to 6th and 5th gear and put the car directly from 7th to 4th – in light speed."

The Jesko is also going to be a bit larger than its predecessors. The carbon fiber tub is 40mm longer and 22mm higher. Koenigsegg says that this change is to provide better leg room, headroom, visibility, and a more spacious feel. Also new to the cabin is SmartWheel. Two touch screens on the steering wheel to help the driver access features in a touch or a swipe.

Pic: Koenigsegg

Finally, I just want to wrap up with my opinion of this car. Its well known that I am a die hard Koenigsegg fan boy. I'm the nerd that reads their press releases through and through, even before I started writing for this website. So, here is what I think: The looks aren't as good as the Regera, I'll admit. But, I will still do anything to own this car. Christian Von Koenigsegg never ceases to amaze me with his engineering.

Pic: Koenigsegg

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