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Koenigsegg Planning a New Supercar for an Affordable $1.1 Million

The supercar company out of Sweden plans to release a new car by 2020. This is big news! Koenigseeg said in an interview with Top Gear that the new car will be produced in higher quantities than previous models. This car will be more accessible than previous cars coming in at $1.1 million. This car is not replacing the Agera, instead it is being built to boost sales. More people have the ability to spend $1.1 million than the $2.5 million needed for cars like the Agera RS.

The more affordable Egg is said to be emissions neutral by Christian von Koenigsegg. They have been developing some new technology for the hybrid unit. Knowing how Koenigsegg likes to engineer, I am excited to see this new power-plant. It is news like this that makes me tingle all over. The future of supercars thanks to Koenigsegg looks amazing.

Here is some more from the interview with Top Gear:

“We’ve been looking to expand our offering because basically, our brand has outgrown our production volumes by quite a big margin,” he tells TopGear.com. “We have several years of delivery time on the super-exclusive hypercars we’re building today.

“But we do think if we make a super-exclusive, custom built supercar at a slightly lower price (that’s the €1m mark) we could get the volumes into the hundreds.” Step forward NEVS – short for National Electric Vehicle Sweden – who have signed a joint venture with Koenigsegg to help deliver this. NEVS are specialists in green technology, which brings us onto how this new supercar will be powered.

“Our ambition is that this car will be completely CO2 neutral,” Christian tells TG. How? Koenigsegg’s ‘freevalve’ camless combustion engine technology, combined with electrification. So it’ll be a hybrid supercar using tech the company’s been working on for the last couple of years.

“Given the freevalve technology, we can actually cold-start the car on pure alcohol, down to -30 degrees Celsius, so there’s no need for any fossil fuel mix then. The idea is to prove to the world that even a combustion engine can be completely CO2 neutral,” he adds.

Because of this small company out of Sweden, we are seeing the benefits of living in the time we do. There is only one thing I want to say to Christian von Koenigsegg. That is, THANK YOU!

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