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Koenigsegg Partners With NEVS

If you aren't familiar with the name "Koenigsegg", chances are you have been living a real life Tom Hanks - Castaway situation. (Sorry you've had to go through that. Glad you made it.) If you know the name, but aren't 100% remembering what they do, here is a quick highlight. Top speed run at 278 MPH. One car produces 1,341HP, and one car has an electric battery that is capable of doing 249 MPH with no transmission. They produce some technologically impressive and beautiful cars that are truly mind boggling.

Pic: Koenigsegg

However, a lot less people are familiar with the name "NEVS". To be honest, I wasn't either. NEVS stands for National Electric Vehicle Sweden. After Saab went bankrupt back in 2012, NEVS was founded and they took the remaining assets of Saab to use their platform and produce all-electric vehicles.

Pic: Green Car Reports

Now that we have addressed who NEVS is, we can move on to the real news. NEVS has invested $171 million (150 million euros) into Koenigsegg in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. Seems like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

As well as the 20% stake in Koenigsegg, NEVS will contribute an additional $150 million (USD) for a 65% stake in a joint venture between the two companies. Koenigsegg will receive the remaining 35% by contributing "primarily intellectual property, technology licenses, and product design" as stated in Koenigsegg's announcement on January 29th.

They haven't yet stated what this joint adventure is, but we have hard this statement from Christian Von Koenigsegg, the founder and genius behind Koenigsegg: “Koenigsegg is breaking new ground, capitalising on our unique technology, performance track record and market position to explore and develop new products. This partnership will create the best conditions for Koenigsegg to accelerate growth in the hyper car market, as well as enabling us to break ground into an untapped market segment together with NEVS. We very much look forward to working together with NEVS to develop products that ensure a sustainable future” .

Another statement during the press release was by Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors at NEVS AB. “Koenigsegg is an enticing company developing advanced cars with unique technology and with a customer base that is one of a kind. To be able to expand our investment in the Swedish automotive industry through a company that we know and have an established relationship with, is an important step for us. We have both competencies and facilities to support Koenigsegg on their journey forward, something we look very much forward to.”

This seems like a great fit for both companies. Koenigsegg has revolutionary ideas that can (and have) change the automotive industry. With a little help from NEVS they will be able to implement more of this technology into their astonishing hypercars, as well as other vehicles that can be more accessible to the everyday person.

Pic: Koenigsegg

Pic: Koenigsegg

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