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Is Your 911 Turbo S Too Slow? Gemballa Can Help.

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

I remember the first time I drove the most recent generation (991.2) of the 911 Turbo S. I turned onto the highway, put my foot down hard, and then pooed myself. It all happened so quickly. After I heard that Gemballa was announcing an even more extreme version of the 911 Turbo, I just laughed. Poor people will be making a huge mess of their cars.

Gemballa is calling it the GTR 8XX EVO-R. The incredibly long name is perfectly fitting for Porsche and their absurdly long names. However, the name is pretty cool and intimidating.

So what have they done? Well, new body parts including; front bumper, front trunk lid, fender flares, bad ass intake scoops, a rear diffuser, and one of the coolest wings I've seen on a car. Gemballa doesn't mention much about what they've done to the engine, but I think they had to use some sort of which craft. They cranked the power from 580 HP and 553 lb-ft of torque in a stock Turbo S all the way up to.... wait for it....

818 HORSEPOWER and 810 LB-FT.

That kind of power boost is absolutely INSANE.

The car, quite obviously, is much quicker too. The 0-60 time is down from 2.7 seconds to 2.38 seconds. It also shaved off nearly two whole seconds sprinting from 0-124 mph in 7.5 seconds, as apposed to 9.3. Top speed? A 911 Turbo S right off the showroom does 208 mph. The really cool, but long-named Gemballa? 230.

Gemballa will paint your car in almost any color that you choose. However, if I may suggest. Stick to a brown interior. It will be easier to hide your mess.

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