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For Sale: Dale Earnhardt's Yacht

Pic: Denison Yacht Sales

Do you happen to be a fan of cars, racing, and boats just like myself? I thought so.

Well, this yacht that is currently for sale at Denison Yacht Sales in Fort Launderette, FL was owned by the oval legend, Dale Earnhardt. Dale, like myself, was a "yacht guy". He happened to own a few other yachts, with this being his latest. Unfortunately, Dale wasn't able to ever able experience this one. The yacht wasn't finished before Dale's horrific accident that took his life.

She was brilliantly named "Sunday Money", and she is up for sale at a steal for just $4.2 million. Keep in mind, this is a 100' yacht which usually go for a lot more than that, so keep the price-moaning to a minimum. Thank you.

I think I might pick this up and start sailing out to watch all NASCAR races on this from now on.

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