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Ducati Is Going Electric

We all know what's happening. Even Ducati's CEO, Claudio Domenicali, knows the inevitable electric future is coming. Cars have been making this transition for quite some time now. It feels like we have been talking about this for quite some time. However, motorcycles haven't been so quick to bolt to electric. #pun. Motorcycles are a bit more eco-friendly and fuel efficient, so this could be a reason they are late to make the electric transition.

A few manufacturers have already made electric bikes, including Zero Motorcycles, Arc, and the well-known Harley Davidson. Now it seems as if Ducati is next.

Domenicali was speaking at a student event in Spain and mentioned "The future is electric. We are not far from starting series production." but spoken in Italian. Domenicali has even been seen riding around on electric-converted Ducatis.

Electric-converted Hypermotard

We aren't sure if the Hypermotard (or something like it) will be the first Ducati to go electric, but I think it would be an incredible start.

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