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Death of The Hayabusa

Reading this may come as a shock to many, especially for those who are not deep in the motorcycle world. The Suzuki Hayabusa has been a dominant bike for roughly twenty years now, and on December 31st, 2018 it’s production will come to an end. The cause of death: emission standards.

Euro 4 emission standard rules that December 31st, 2018 is the last day that non-compliant bikes can be sold, even though Euro 4 rules went into effect back in 2016. Rather than trying to re-work the engine, Suzuki has decided to kill off its halo bike.

Pic: Suzuki

The Hayabusa debuted in 1999 with a top speed of 194 miles per hour – faster than any other production motorcycle. Even though the Hayabusa was a large bike, it was still able to do 10 second quarter mile times. It achieved this incredible speed from a rather massive 1,299 cc inline-four motor and impressive aerodynamics.

The Hayabusa has dominated the strip and the streets for two decades. As long as I can remember, when someone would utter the name “Hayabusa” it would come with a jolt of fear and respect. Personally, I have never loved the look of the bike. However, I have always understood the speed and power that bike has.

The Hayabusa has been the hero of many YouTube videos, and put many supercars to shame. One YouTuber that comes to mind is Hayabusa Girl. Her biggest videos have over 2 million views. Hit the link and you will see why.

However, Suzuki has left us a small glimpse of hope that the Hayabusa may not be dead forever. According to RideApart, Suzuki renewed the trademark for the nae “Hayabusa”. This begs us to speculate that the Hayabusa may be seen again, just with a smaller, possibly turbocharged engine. I sure hope this isn’t the end of a legend.

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