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Chevrolet's Response To The GT500: Automatic Transmission In The ZL1 1LE

I have always enjoyed the back-and-fourth battle between The Bow Tie and The Blue Oval. They have always pushed each other to create better cars and better technology. I have always been especially focused, like most of you all, on the Camaro-Mustang battle that started many years before I was even born. Ford produced the Mustang, Chevrolet followed with the Camaro, and since then, the Pony Car War has ongoing.

The recently in the Pony Car War, Ford debuted the GT500 at the North American International Auto Show. The public has loved what Ford has done, but everyone seemed to be hung-up on one detail: automatic transmission only. Chevrolet did something similar with their ZL1 1LE, but it was manual only. The ZL1 1LE is an amazing car that put a blistering 7:16.04 around the Nurburgring. Yes, this was done while the driver was rowing his own gears.

However, since Ford just announced the DCT only GT500, Chevrolet has announced the 2019 Camaro ZL1 1LE will come with an optional 10-speed automatic transmission. Might I also mention, Chevrolet claims this 10 speed will up-shift faster than a Porsche PDK transmission. This isn't your ordinary automatic transmission.

Pic: Chevrolet

To me, it seems pretty obvious that Chevrolet is wanting to release the fastest version of the Camaro that they can in order to fight the GT500 as best as it can. But as a consumer, I also love options just like everyone else. I like that if you want to be the absolute best you and your car can be on the track, go for the automatic. If you want to engage yourself as much as possible to feel more connected to the car, go with the manual. This is what I love most about adding the automatic transmission.

Other additions to the 2019 include a Chevrolet entertainment system with navigation and a more personalization, full display rear camera with improved high definition quality, forward collision alert, ambient lighting with a new color selection, redesigned tail lights and rear fascia, wireless charging (for your phone), and a performance data recording features. All of the updates, in my opinion, are still no where near as significant as the 10 speed transmission that is now available.

Pic: Chevrolet

Now that the Camaro has an optional automatic transmission, let's pit this monster against the GT500 and see these two duke it out.

Pic: Chevrolet

PS. My money is on the Pony.

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