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Bugatti SUV: Not Happening

Finally, a win for the purists! Most every manufacturer has an SUV these days. Even companies like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Ferrari are developing this type of "can-do-it-all" car. The Lamborghini Uris is already for sale, but we have yet to see the Aston Martin (DBX or Varekai) on the street, or even the Ferrari Purosangue in concept form, but they are coming.

Cesar and I have talked about these SUVs multiple times on our podcasts. We are excited to see these SUVs, but it feels weird having some specific manufactures just don't belong in the SUV game. One of these manufacturers is Bugatti.

Bugatti was brainstorming the idea of producing an SUV based on the Chiron, but it seems that plans have changed. Bugatti's President, Stephan Winkelmann stated "There will be no SUV from Bugatti. An SUV would not do justice to the brand, or its history." Thank heavens this man has his head on straight. Purists, rejoice!


I believe that Bugatti was considering this idea because Volkswagen has been trying to find ways to make money after the... um.... "indecent" that cost them billions. However, they have cut costs in many places across the company and I speculate that they realized that this isn't a necessity for them.

Either way, I'm happy someone is sticking to their roots.

Aston Martin DBX Pic: Aston Martin

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