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Aston Martin Project 003

Aston Martin has teased us with their new mid-engine supercar via Instagram, and it looks incredible! Well, from the tiny bit I can see.

Via: Aston Martin

Straight away, it looks aggressive. The silhouette looks absolutely amazing. I can see top mounted exhaust right underneath an air intake on the roof... which immediately turns me on. Top mounted exhaust is sexy and only amazing cars can have it. I wish I could say the same about roof air scoops, but riced out 90's Mitsubishi's ruined that claim for me. It also looks like there is a massive rear defuser, similar to the Valkyrie.

Knowing that Aston Martin produces nothing but beautiful cars, and that their new cars have shown a new side of performance, I know without a shadow of a doubt that this car will be fantastic.

Add it to the list of cars I would kill for.

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