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A Weekend In Vegas Using Audi's Rental Service - Silvercar

My weekend included: an Audi A4, Shelby American, shopping, Michael Buble, drunken disorderliness, a dead body, and a standoff with the police. I know what you're thinking.

It did. In just a short 36 hour period, I had one of the best trips of my life.

It all started on Saturday morning, around 4:30 am. I woke up, and drove to the Salt Lake City Silvercar location to pick up my rental that I had scheduled just the day before, using the Silvercar app. Immediately, I loved how Silvercar had things set up. Everything goes through the app. No funny business. I entered my drivers license , insurance, and credit card then just showed up and got the car. No funny business. Just as the Germans like it.

I had the option of selecting a Q7, Q5, or an A4. All of them being an S-Line model, and all being silver (hence the name, Silvercar). I opted for the A4 because I like cars more than SUVs, with the added benefit that it was the cheapest option.

So, I left Salt Lake City at 6 am and headed down to Las Vegas.

The ride down was lovely. It had been a while since I had been in an A4, so I re-familiarized myself with the Audi MMI system and played around with the virtual cockpit. I forgot how amazing Audi's system is. Everything is where it should be. It makes sense. The German's really know how to do it.

Flying down at 80 mph was blissful. The A4 was quiet, smooth, and comfortable, until I got to the gorge in Arizona. Then it became razor sharp, slicing corners after I changed the ride settings from Comfort to Dynamic.

After arriving in Vegas, I input my hotel address, and Apple Car play guided me to the hotel.

This may sound weird, but I didn't realize the A4 would get so much attention. Driving around the streets of Las Vegas, and even outside my hotel, I got a few thumbs up and some complements. The A4 is a good looking car, but I just didn't expect it to be noticed as much as it was.

After walking around Las Vegas a few hours, I attended a lovely Michael Buble show, then wondered around the Strip, had a milkshake, and clocked out for he night.

Sunday morning, I watched the Formula 1 race, then started my trip home. Everything was nice and dandy until traffic came to a stop just as we entered the gorge. We sat there for a while, but after about 45 minutes of being stopped, we started to creep forward. After just a few minutes, we saw what the cause was.

SIDEBAR. Everyone who rides a motorcycle, WEAR YOUR PROTECTIVE GEAR. RIDE WITHIN YOUR LIMITS. DON'T BE STUPID. I'm unaware of what caused the accident, but it is never good to see. Out of respect, I left out the picture of the body underneath the sheet, but this was a picture of the motorcycle involved in the crash. There was another person that was airlifted to the nearest hospital, and I hope he is okay.

After a few more hours of driving. We arrived on quite the scene:

This particular gentleman was flying down the highway at well over 100 mph. I know this because he passed me just a few minutes before. I'm not sure what happened in between the time I saw him fly down the road, and this scene ten minutes later, but it was quite an interesting sight.

So final thoughts on Silvercar by Audi:

1. Incredibly easy to book, and the app makes it a breeze to pick up.

2. The car is absolutely lovely, and for the price, its a bargain. Especially if you're under 25, like I am. Its the same cost as a Toyota or a Chevy through regular rental car agencies.

3. You will have an absolutely stunning time in it. Whether it be enjoying the drive, or stumbling across some WILD events.

Use Silvercar.

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